Inline volumetric sample of  law viscosity liquids

The pneumatic IsoControl MSA sampler allows the volumetric sampling of low viscosity liquids, up to 10cPs flowing in a pressurized or vacuum transfer pipe. The sampling bottle is directly screwed on the outlet of the sampler or an adaptor may be provided.

  • A single piston allows the extraction of an accurately metered volume of 0.5cc per each stroke.
  • The pre-programmed time-based automation of the IsoControl MSA guarantees the representativeness of the sample for a given transferred volume.
  • The perfect sealing prevents the risk of leakage ensuring operator’s safety. It also acts as a barrier to contamination of the product flowing in the pipeline.
  • The body, piston and plunger of IsoControl MSA are  316/316L Stainless Steel manufactured. The piston seals are available in FDA BunaN certified or CE 1935/2004 approved Silicone. Other materials compatible with the liquids to be taken on demand.
  • Very limited maintenance.
  • Thanks to optional CIP unit (see accessories chapter) cleaning of sampler and bottle adaptor can be operated through the CIP (Clean In Place) plant service.
  • Our optional  electro-pneumatic Control Unit  allows the programming of cycles frequency   and sampling sequences ; it allows also  the programming CIP sequences.

Operating principle

Food and pharmaceutical industries

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