Your major partner in industrial sampling equipment

Nowadays Quality Control is one of the main concerns facing processing companies. Since 1988 Sarl Jean Mainguet has specialised in the sampling industry, selling products under the trademark LABOCONTROLE®. Some of our systems are patented and are used mainly to sample powders, liquids and gas.

These sampling systems fulfil the highest standards hygiene and safety requirements and comply with the quality procedure applicable in the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. They are in accordance with BPF, GMP, FDA, HACCP, ISO  recommendations and procedures. LABOCONTROLE® has been a member of EHEDG France since 2015.

LABOCONTROLE® offers permanent fixtures, such as automatic inline samplers for powders and liquids, as well as portable samplers for the control of incoming raw materials.  In any case, LABOCONTROLE® is aiming excellence in taking of representative and reliable samples, preventing the process from any contamination while protecting the operator.

Owing our partnership with KEOFITT (Danemark), SENTRY(USA), DOVIANUS(Netherlands) and PROSYS(Ireland), we’re providing on the french market and in several francophone countries a unique range of sampling solutions and recognised know-how.

LABOCONTROLE® is also represented in many countries by local distributors which allow the company to generate 30% of its turnover outside of France. The main markets are EU, Norway, Switzerland, Tunisia, Morocco, Canada, United-States, Mexico and Argentina.


LABOCONTROLE and compliance

Since its birth the company has applied a rigorous quality process and that is for all the range of products it sells.

For further information, please read our compliance and CSR charter.