Sterile single use sampling bags for liquids

In addition to the Keofitt® sampling valves we complete our offer with different single use sampling bags: designed by  Keofitt ® their purpose is the collection of samples in closed circuit conditions, thus ensuring operator safety, environmental protection and guaranteeing the sample against any risk of contamination during collection and transport to the laboratory.

Aseptic Sampling Bags

The Keofitt®  Aseptic Sampling Bagis intended for collecting and easy storage of samples from true aseptic samples for microbiological and chemical analysis.

The Aseptic Sampling Bag is a single use product


  • Single use product
  • Supplied sterilized by Gamma -irradiation in  sealed outer PE bag
  • Mini sanitary clamp connection or  Keofitt W9 quick connect
  • Pinch clamp to seal sample in bag
  • Secondary port with septum for extracting a sample of the sample or for injecting a substance into the sample.
  • Different available sizes

 2 models available

  • Keofitt® Aseptic sampling bags: to achieve  an aseptic sample collection using a 3 way valve piston fixed on the inlet of the bag
  • Keofitt® Sterile sampling bags: to achieve ultra-hygienic samples

How to use Aseptic Sampling Bag

Spikes Sampling Bags

The Keofitt®  Spike Sampling Bag is a cost-effective sampling bag designed for collecting a sample through septum admitting needles of 4-5 mm diameter.

The Spike Sampling Bag is a single use product.


  • Single use product
  • Made from medical grade PP polypropylen manufactured Under clean room conditions (class D)
  • Septum area protected by an aluminium foil seal to be pealed off prior to use
  • Thick wall (0.3-0.5mm) bag for mechanical strength and relatively low water vapour and gas permeability.
  • Different available sizes: 500*-1000-3000* ml        (*)on request only

How to use Spike Sampling Bag..