Motor drill portable sampler for powders

Control the quality of your raw materials after receiving!

PowerProof sampler is well adapted to sample powders or fine granules of incoming raw materials packed or stored in bags, drums, tanks, bigbags… In 20 years, due to its easy reliable working and ergonomics properties, PowerProof became an essential partner of Quality Control Department of so many customers in pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, petfood, chemicals, cosmetics…

Representative sampling

The operator holding the driver gradually samples the successive layers of the container, thus making an average sample, according different probe directions.

Easy to clean

The dismantling system, without any tool, of the 304L stainless steel boring tube and screw makes the device easy to clean ; these 2 parts may be sterilized in an autoclave.

Reliability and robustness

The boring tube and its conveying screw are made of stainless steels, all welds being proceeded under argon atmosphere conditions and waterproofness controlled with dye penetration tests. Dead space is minimised to avoid any contamination.


Sampler quality control

The passivated finished stainless steel parts are fully tested. The care and right – precise fitting of the different parts will meet the quality requirements of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food industries… GMP, FDA, HACCP.

The PowerProof sampler complies with the Machinary Directive 2006/42/EC; NF EN ISO 12100:2010 and NF EN ISO 13857:2008 standards are both applied to its design.