The sterile sampling solution for  cosmetic, pharmaceutic and food industries

Installed on piping or on reactor walls more than 250 000 Keofitt® valves  in the world allow to collect liquid samples under sterile conditions directly on process during production.

These patented devices comply with 3-A standards (55-02 Boot seal-type valves) and their performance are EHEDG certified.

How the  Keofitt®sampling valve is built?

3 parts in a Keofitt®sampling valve  :

  • the body mounted on the wall of the pipe or reactor
  • the head driving the opening and closing of the valve
  • the membrane enabling alternately the flowing or the sealing, according to the position of the head

The Keofitt®  wide range provides solutions for sampling closed circuit ensuring operator safety, protecting the environment and eliminating any risk of process contamination and sample contamination.

A perfect quality of manufacture

All stainless steel parts in contact with product are AISI 316L stainless steel (DIN 1.4404 ) – Certificate EN10204-3.1.b. The valve body is completely machined. It has a lower internal controlled roughness 0.3µm. The absence of weld and a full flow between the sampling point and the outlet port ensure maximum representativeness without retention zone.
The SILICONE, EPDM ou PTFE membranes are FDA  and CE1935/2004 compliant. The material certificate is attached with each valve or membrane delivery.

The  Keofitt® sampling valves and accessories have captured and continue to attract an increasing number of demanding users !


Operating principle

 Keofitt-Ouvert  Keofitt-Fermé
 Valve “Opened” : sampling   Valve “Closed” : Cleaning/Sterilization

Aseptic sampling

When isolation and strict asepsis are required, the  Keofitt® sampling valves can be completed with the Aseptic system; this device enables continuous  representative aseptic sampling, whatever the number of samples required by the quality control procedure. The use of  Keofitt® Aseptic Sampling Bags (see accessories chapter) is another convenient way to assure aseptic sampling.


The  Keofitt® valves are suitable for various applications involving liquids up to 250.000 cP viscosity and including particles up to 17mm.

Water, beer, milk, oils, creams, ketchup, fruit juice, yoghurt, compotes, honey, syrups, marmalades, peanut butter,  medical solutions, chemicals, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, biotechnological products…….and much more !

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Keofitt accessories and consummables


Sampling Bag sur Vanne

Sampling Bag for aseptic and sterile sampling

Spike sur Vanne

Spike Sampling Bag for ultra-hygienic sampling


Steam Boiler to flush the valve

Membranes Keofitt

Membranes for Keofitt valves