Enhancement of the renowned classic W9 sampling valve. SESAME is a dual function valve individually controlling both the cleaning (steaming or liquid detergent/
disinfectant) process and the sampling action through a single turn knob. In case of steaming steam
supply may be permanently connected and there is no need for a separate steam valve.
From the operator’s point of view SESAME offers an easy and failure-proof handling both when
cleaning/steaming and for sampling.
As with the W9 valve effective cleaning and disinfection/sterilisation of the sampling valve can be
carried out between random samples independently of the course of the production process without
compromising the same. The coaxial design and the electro polished valve interior ensure absolute
Keofitt valves are used in a wide range of processing industries, such as breweries, dairies, juice/soft
drinks and the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.